On this page, You will get to know more about household! As you can see, my family is relatively big as compared to other normal singaporean families. Starting from the oldest, you have my Mum follwed by my father, elder brother and my 2 sister. I am the youngest in the family.

Joel's father and mother photo

Sim Papa & Mama

Here is to the duo that stands by me and support my decision despite the ups and downs in my life. The duo who are always there to comfort, support and motivate me to aim for the best even when i am feeling down or disheartened. The one that makes me and shape me into the great person i am today.

Joel's family photo

Sim Family

What is unique about this family is the differnet traits and personality within this family that forms the unique SIMS . Starting from my mother ( insert a pic of mum solo pic) , Definitely the queen and also the "General" of the family, because she has the final say. But she definitely is devoted to the family. The amount of work and effort she work to ensure i have a steady source of food and a stable roof over my head, made me feel very grateful for her I realise that members of the family has a similar traits with her, which is the never say die spirit. Which we truly appreciate her for giving us such attribute. As since raising 4 children in singapore is tough, my mother also makes countless sacrifices for us and gave us what we wanted even though she is just an admin clerk.

Joel's brother Ranen photo

Ranen Sim

Firstly, it would be my oldest brother, Ranen, who is currently studying part time Uni in SUSS.

Joel's sister Ellenca photo

Ellenca Sim

Next in order, would be my first sister, Ellenca Sim, which i would normally call her "Jie". She is the most hardworking and intelligent child among the 4 of us as she would really take pride in whatever task assign to her. Similarly like my brother, she also has a passion to care & educate children, thus she took up Child psychology at SIM Global. Currently she is working at a childcare centres which caters to special needs student that has behavioural issues, so as to get more job experience once she graduates in july.

Joel's sister Polly photo

Polly Sim

Lastly, it would be my second sister, Polly Sim. She would be the bravest among us 4 due to her personality. My second sister do not likes shopping but she really loves sports alot. During her secondary school and Poly school days, she was part of the school Basketball team. Even when she left Poly, she still hangs out with her friend to have a game of basketball and she also signed up for a Rugby club in Singapore. Currently, she is undergoing training under SCDF to be a fire&rescue specialist, because she loves to save lives and also felt that the job nature suits her more instead of those typical admin job. I really looked up to her as compared to other siblings because of the courage and determination that she need to possess to be in such trade as since her job is a very dangerous job. And not many people would want to work in such line of field which could be fatal.