You'll Never Walk Alone

Hi! My name is Joel Sim and i am currently studying Common ICT in SP. I am 19 this year and i blow candles on 4th Jan.

Joel Nursery photo

Bambino Joel

I started my education at PCF Education which is for kindergarten kids until 2006 when i finished K2.

Joel Primary school class photo

Primary Joel

I then headed to Bukit Panjang Primary School, but at the end of Primary 1, i made the switch over to Zhenghua Primary School due to the travelling time. Hence a change of environment for me but i quickly adjusted to it and everything went smoothly till i was in Primary 6. Whereby the Primary School Leaving Examination stress starts to kick in, and at such a young age i experience stress,i could not cope that well and for the PSLE exams i got 189.Which means i had a choice to either go Normal academic stream or the Express stream. I wanted to go to Normal Academic stream because i felt that it suited my pace of learning, but my parents insisted that i go the Express stream. Hence we then sit down and had a talk about it. Which my parents eventually let in and i then went on to West Spring Secondary School for the Normal Academic Stream

Joel secondary school class photo

Secondary Joel

During the first few weeks of secondary school, i had difficulties coping with 7-8 subjects but eventually as time pass, i learnt how to manage my time and also eventually get to juggle between that many subjects. But during secondary 3, i was posted to change class as part of the school rules. Thus i was been assigned to another class and hence i need to start my "own personal" ice breaker again because everyone in the class knew each other already for 2 years, therefore i need to slowly get to know people name and also make new friends.Those friends that i made with during secondary 3 are currently my closest friends. At the start of secondary 3, my grades start to Plummet and when during secondary 4 nearing to N level, i realise that things arent gonna work out if i do not work hard, so eventually i told myself that i still got 3 months to work on it. So during the 3 months, i work very very very hard and eventually my aggregrate went from 24 to 12 during the N level. Even i myself was stunned at the fact that i gotten 12, because i was expecting to get 15 or a 16. But unfortunately, i could not get into the PFP because the cut off point was 11. Hence i decided to went for Direct Poly Programme(DPP) in ITE. It was another case of sitting down and talking to my parents again because they believe that i could do well for secondary 5 o levels, but personally i felt that it is too risky and hence i decided to go with DPP because it offers what i want to study in future, which is in the IT industry.

Joel Water rafting photo with his clique

Current Joel

Currently, i am studying in Common ICT in SP, being in a new environment also allows me to gain new knowledge.Thus recently, i took up gymming as it allows me to relieve stress and also push myself over the limit.In addition, i also regularly play football as i really enjoy watching football since young. Hence i would always follow the football news and be up to date with every news that are out. In addition, being in such a sporty surrounding also allows me to make more friends as it is easier to befriend others while doing sport. Thus in future, i would like to do something that i learn in SP to make something for future sportsman.